Long distance calls from Afghanistan to Chile (Best rates - 85.00¢/min)

We offer both prepaid phone cards and post pay options so you can find the calling card plan that suits your needs. Choose your most appropriate calling rates on calls from Afghanistan TO Chile:   Afghanistan to Chile - Antofagasta - ¢/min   Afghanistan to Chile - Concepcion - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Chile - Easter Island - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Chile - Santiago - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Chile - Valparaiso - 160.00 ¢/min and rates for calls from your cellular phone - Afghanistan to Chile - CELL - 160.00 ¢/min . View all prepaid phone cards here or learn more about regular long distance phone services.

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 85.00 ¢/min
Rates for Toll Free Access
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No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min

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You need to make a call from Afghanistan? We represent only the best long distance providers. For pricing information please see our call rates list for country Afghanistan. If you need to make a call from Chile to Afghanistan? Our best phone calling rates start from 22.26 ¢/min.
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