Long distance calls from Afghanistan to Ecuador (Best rates - 115.00¢/min)

Phone card for long distance telephone calling online! Lowest rates! Choose your most appropriate calling rates on calls from Afghanistan TO Ecuador:   Afghanistan to Ecuador - Andinatel - ¢/min   Afghanistan to Ecuador - Cuenca - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Ecuador - Etapa - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Ecuador - Guayaquil - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Ecuador - Portoviejo - 160.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to Ecuador - Quito - 160.00 ¢/min and rates for calls from your cellular phone - Afghanistan to Ecuador - CELL - 160.00 ¢/min . Enjoy our services calling with international calling cards.

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We presents only the best rates for international phone calls. You want make a call from Afghanistan TO Ecuador?
Use our AT&T calling card, 115.00 ¢/min rate is right for you!

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 115.00 ¢/min
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No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min

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You need to make a call from Afghanistan? Please visit on our page for low international calling rates for country Afghanistan. If you need to make a call from Ecuador to Afghanistan? Our best phone calling rates start from 250.00 ¢/min.
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