Long distance calls from Afghanistan to India - CELL (Best rates - 120.00¢/min)

Find here cheap rates on prepaid calling cards for domestic and international use. You can try our cheap rates for international calls from Afghanistan to India - 120.00 ¢/min in common and different cities separately:   Afghanistan to India - Ahmadabad - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Andhra Pradesh - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Bangalore - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Baroda - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Bombay - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Calcutta - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Chandigarb - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Gujarat - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Hyderabad - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Jaipur - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Karnataka - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Kirala - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Kolkata - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Ludihana - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Madras - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - New Delhi - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Pune - 120.00 ¢/min   Afghanistan to India - Punjab - 120.00 ¢/min . Compare long distance phone service plans instantly or request a consultation to find the long distance service that best fits your specific needs.

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 120.00 ¢/min
Rates for Toll Free Access
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No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min

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You need to make a call from Afghanistan? Please visit on our page for low international calling rates for country Afghanistan. If you need to make a call from India to Afghanistan? Our best phone calling rates start from 72.78 ¢/min.
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