Long distance calls from Albania to India (Best rates - 145.00¢/min)

We offer both prepaid phone cards and post pay options so you can find the calling card plan that suits your needs. Choose your most appropriate calling rates on calls from Albania TO India:   Albania to India - Ahmadabad - ¢/min   Albania to India - Andhra Pradesh - ¢/min   Albania to India - Bangalore - ¢/min   Albania to India - Baroda - ¢/min   Albania to India - Bombay - ¢/min   Albania to India - Calcutta - ¢/min   Albania to India - Chandigarb - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Gujarat - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Hyderabad - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Jaipur - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Karnataka - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Kirala - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Kolkata - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Ludihana - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Madras - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - New Delhi - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Pune - 145.00 ¢/min   Albania to India - Punjab - 145.00 ¢/min and rates for calls from your cellular phone - Albania to India - CELL - 145.00 ¢/min . Our free international phone cards are a smart, convenient and economic way to make calls to destinations around the globe.

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We presents only the best rates for international phone calls. You want make a call from Albania TO India?
Use our AT&T calling card, 145.00 ¢/min rate is right for you!

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 145.00 ¢/min
Rates for Toll Free Access
Rates are approximate!
No Maintenance Fee

Rounding - 1 min

Enjoy high quality of connection with the lowest rates! You can get your PIN number via E Mail right after processing your order and you can start using phone calling card immediately!
You need to make a call from Albania? Please visit on our page for low international calling rates for country Albania. If you need to make a call from India to Albania? Our best phone calling rates start from 66.08 ¢/min.
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