Long distance calls from Albania to Italy - CELL (Best rates - 200.00¢/min)

We have variety of cheap calling cards for your needs. You can try our cheap calling rates from Albania to Italy - 95.00 ¢/min in common and different cities separately:   Albania to Italy - Bologna - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Catania - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Florence - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Genoa - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Milan - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Naples - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Palermo - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Rome - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Turin - 95.00 ¢/min   Albania to Italy - Venice - 95.00 ¢/min . Students, business, travelers persons alike can save upwards of 85% on your phone bill. All PIN#s emailed for instant access.

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We offer cheap international prepaid phone cards to call Italy - CELL from Albania.

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 200.00 ¢/min
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Rounding - 1 min

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